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News and developments.

The management of Five Star Logistics Ltd has announced that soon, most examinations of cargoes and other consignments at the terminal will be done in a dedicated space within the terminal to further secure operations. Interested persons will be shown their consignments, especially cars, at the dedicated lot; the vehicles will be conveyed there at the terminal's expense. For inquiries on this, please call the terminal manager using the numbers at Contact.

New Warehouses...

Also further to the development plan for the terminal, the management of Five Star Logistics has completed some new warehouse spaces which will greatly facilitate storage capacities in our operations.

Visit of pupils from Italian School in Lagos Nigeria to Fivestar Terminal...

'Capt' Carrodano now member of NAMM.

The Nigerian Association of Master Mariners (NAMM) has admitted Mr Pier Luigi Carrodano, Group Managing Director of the Comet Group of Companies, to honourary membership...Read more.

Visit of pupils from Italian School in Lagos...See more.


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