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The Emergence of Five Star Logistics Ltd as Operator of Ro-Ro Terminal.

In April 2006, Five Star Logistics Ltd, a special purpose vehicle formed by the consortium of Comet Shipping Agencies Nigeria Ltd and its partners, took over the running of Roll On-Roll Off Terminal at the Tin Can Island Port in Lagos. It had won the bid for the terminal as the highest preferred bidder when the results were announced in September 2005 by the BPE. Five Star Logistics Ltd took over the Ro-Ro terminal, including various plants and equipment in various stages of service life. Pictures of the old order and what the terminal has become in fifteen months of operation under Five Star Logistics Ltd management are evidence of the gains the concession programme has brought to the roll on, roll off shipping services in Nigeria to date. In the place of decaying superstructure and infrastructure, many hectares of marshy land, overgrown with weeds, failed sections of macadam and a generally poor security network arising from the former porous nature of the seaport system, Five Star Logistics Ltd has installed the beginnings of a modern seaport terminal, without any of the hitches of the past.

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